Aircraft Maintenance Systems Introduces the AMS Smart Inventory Barcode Checkout feature

Aircraft Maintenance Systems (AMS), a growing software company that supports aircraft operators, component repair shops, MROs and manufacturers in their maintenance planning, procedures and inventory management, introduces its newest feature, the AMS Smart Inventory Barcode Checkout feature (Smart Checkout).

The AMS Smart Checkout allows the AMS client to quickly issue parts out of stock to a job card, an invoice, or a work order in the Inventory Manager Software swiftly and accurately via a Barcode Scanner.

The Smart Checkout is affordable and adaptable to meet the needs of any size of operations for both operators & MRO industries. Aircraft operators, MROs, and component shops can easily access the Smart Checkout feature from the Aircraft Maintenance Manager and/or the Inventory Manager.  

Key Benefits of the Smart Checkout feature!

• Increased inventory accountability and control

• Realize cost savings from reduced inventory

• Quickly create invoices including labor and parts 

• Reduce lost and misplaced parts

• Reduce time for physical inventory

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