Aviation Maintenance Themed Clothing

AircraftMechanicShirts.com is now offering the latest aviation maintenance themed clothing. This newly formed company plans to continue to expand, offering new designs in aviation themed apparel.

John Janiszewski, the company’s founder, also a certified aircraft mechanic, decided to launch the business because there wasn’t any decent aircraft mechanic shirts available. The company offers different designs from various aviation maintenance industries. “Whether you are an airline or helicopter mechanic, or even an avionics tech, we have a shirt you can be proud to wear,” Janiszewski shares The company has received a lot of support from mechanics in the field. “We get emails all the time from mechanics in the field who love the shirts,” says Janiszewski. “They push us to keep creating top-notch shirts which help to promote our industry.”

The company plans to launch a new shirt design at least once a month. Some shirts will be limited edition and therefore will only be available for a short period.

Along with selling T-shirts to support the aircraft mechanic professional, the online store also sells coffee mugs and tool box stickers.

For more information visit AircraftMechanicShirts.com.