Axnes Aviation Introduces New PNG Wireless Intercom System

Axnes Aviation is announces the next leap in wireless communication technology, with the introduction of its PNG Wireless intercom solution. The new PNG system was unveiled at HAI Heli-Expo.

After 3 years in development, the new PNG digital secure radio system will enable cordless intercom capability both in cabin and at line-of-sight range from the aircraft. The initial launch is for the SAR version of PNG, which will replace the existing Polycon system and add important features and functionality. Further developments in 2015 will include other versions tailored for EMS, cargo operations and military requirements among others. AXNES partners with Becker Avionics, Inc., based in Miramar, Florida, for sales, service and support of the product in North and South America.

PNG features:

• Range - in cabin and external to the aircraft - robust, line of sight range capabilities

• Clear communication - full duplex, PTT, VOX and patented noise cancelling

• Positioning - integrated AIS SART distress transmitter and GPS position reporting of remote crew position to aircraft

• Secure communication - scrambling, AES 128, and AES 256 encryption

• Group support - wired intercom loops repeated in the wireless domain or separate wireless groups. Multiple group participation capability.

• Remote radio keying -  allows remote crew access to other aircraft installed radios

• New design - ruggedized, easy to operate, waterproof to IP68; 10ft  24 hrs

• Dual band  - supports both UHF and  VHF frequencies

• Versatility - connects to all major ICS brands, aircraft headsets and helmets

• NVIS - the system is NVIS compatible

• Operational modes - Headset, Person to Person and Walkie-Talkie

• Qualifications - EASA standards, FCC and MIL qualifications pending

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