Bell Helicopter Announces New 206 Series TT Strap with Calendar Life Extension

Bell Helicopter announces it has approved a new tension torsion (TT) strap for the Bell 206 series of helicopters.

Bell Helicopter, in collaboration with its long term supplier partner LORD Corporation, has developed a new TT strap with a calendar life of 36 months with anticipated calendar life extension following a Lead the Fleet program. This is an improvement over the current 24 months calendar life. The new TT strap utilizes an innovative material which is highly resistant to corrosion, and has been developed to meet Bell’s uncompromising requirements for safety.

As part of Bell Helicopter’s overall commitment to making Bell aircraft more cost effective, the price of the new TT strap will remain the same as the current strap with anticipated delivery no later than the fourth quarter 2012. The special warranty credit for the mandatory calendar removal will be eliminated as a result.