BLR Aerospace Delivers 850th FastFin System; Military Demand Continues to Grow

BLR Aerospace announces that some 850 BLR Aerospace FastFin® Tail Rotor Enhancement and Stability Systems are now operating in 30 nations worldwide, elevating the performance of Bell Medium helicopters and helping a wide range of operators improve mission effectiveness. More than half of all FastFin Systems are operating in North America, followed by Latin America (20 percent) and Asia (17 percent).

 “BLR is proud to reach this important milestone, and it is gratifying to see the FastFin technology experience such widespread acceptance in so many market segments and regions,” says Dave Marone, the company’s vice president of Sales and Marketing. “FastFin’s performance benefits make the system a must-have for safety-conscious Bell Medium operators seeking to maximize the return on their airframe investments.” 

BLR says the government and military market is its fastest-growing, representing 40 percent of all sales. New government customers in 2014 include the UK Ministry of Defense, the Philippine Air Force, the Colombian Navy, the Thailand MOAC, and the Cyprus National Police.

According to Marone, operators faced with reduced budgets invest in FastFin because it affordably provides certified performance increases that directly impact the mission. “Having the ability to fly higher or carry more, all with greater stability, is a significant benefit,” Marone says.

With FastFin installed, most operators will receive between a 10 and 90 percent increase in useful load depending on specific model and density altitude. The FastFin system includes two parallel stall strips on the tailboom and a reshaped vertical fin. FastFin optimizes airflow around the tailboom, dramatically improving tail rotor authority and wind azimuth tolerance.

In addition to enhancing performance for the fielded fleet, FastFin is factory-standard equipment on all new Bell 412EP helicopters and is OEM-qualified for the Huey II.

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