Tom Jackson, president and director of maintenance at CanWest Component Services Inc., announces that CanWest has entered into a multi-party joint venture with a goal of increasing CanWest’s ability to service its international operator base.

“We are proud to announce that we’ve recently entered into a Joint Venture with both Helispares Ltd. based out of Hampshire, UK, as well as with Freedom Aero Service out of Lincoln, CA,’’ says Jackson. “As part of the partnership, CanWest Component Services, Helispares Ltd. and Freedom Aero Service are now in a position to collaborate in order to fulfill operators’ MRO requirements from three strategically-located facilities in Canada, the United States and the UK.”

Jackson indicates that during strategic planning activities in 2012, a key service metric for the company was its ability to provide its clients with reliable MRO services to its customers around the world.

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