Concorde Battery Approves Maintainers, Capacity Tester/Charger and Charger

Concorde Battery has approved the BC-8000 (battery charger and capacity tester), BC-9000 (25-amp battery charger) and BatteryMINDer 12v and 24v versions for use on all RG series batteries.

The BC-8000 (Concorde P/N 4168) is a lightweight battery charger and capacity tester for 12v and 24v batteries and features a step-by-step digital display. The BC-8000 provides an adjustable constant current load in 0.1A increments from 0.5A to 15A and 1.0A increments from 15A to 55A for discharge purposes. Additionally, the unit is a 25A charger capable of constant voltage and constant current charging for use on lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries. The unit includes over temperature protection, an audio warning when capacity test is complete, and an option for printable reports.

The BC-9000 (Concorde P/N 4169) is a lightweight 25A charger for lead-acid and nickel-cadmium aircraft batteries. Complete with a universal AC power input and LCD display, it has been tested and approved as a safe charging option for Concorde batteries.

Concorde Battery Corporation worked closely with VDC, the makers of the BatteryMINDer to develop the new 12248-AA-S5 (12v) and 24041-AA-S5 (24v) BatteryMINDer maintainers with optimal charge voltage for RG series batteries. Concorde conducted extensive testing to determine the optimal voltage requirements for maintaining RG batteries.

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