Concorde Battery Receives TSO Authorization on General Aviation 24-Volt Batteries

Concorde Battery Corporation announces receipt of TSO-C173a, Technical Standard Order Authorization for the RG24-15, RG24-15M and RG24-16 13.6 Ah family of sealed lead-acid batteries. TSO-C173a authorization confirms that the batteries meet the minimum operational performance standards (MOPS) set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA) in DO-293A.

To obtain authorization, the batteries undergo rigorous testing ensuring optimal performance on a fixed-wing aircraft or rotorcraft in the most extreme on-board environments. Historically PMA-certified by the FAA for specific installations in hundreds of aircraft models, this approval guarantees the batteries meet MOPS, minimizing the burdensome testing involved with incorporating the batteries into new type designs, STCs or individual type-certified aircraft by way of field approval.

Concorde's Platinum Series® Batteries are designed and manufactured with advanced lead-acid technology. They are the preferred choice of airframe manufacturers and end users, with a history of dependable starting performance in temperatures ranging from -40° to 70°C; longer battery life and extra reserve capacity in the case of a generator failure.

Concorde Battery Corporation is committed to standards of excellence in safety, reliability and longevity that have been sustained over 40 years in business. Concorde is committed to providing the highest quality lead-acid battery solution and world-class customer support.