Dallas Airmotive and H+S Aviation Rebuild an M250 Engine at Heli-Expo 2015

BBA Aviation companies Dallas Airmotive and H+S Aviation providied a one of a kind of experience at the 2015 Heli-Expo tradeshow by rebuilding an M250 helicopter engine at their booth.

“We believe in demystifying the engine maintenance experience for customers. Re-assembling a helicopter engine at Heli-Expo allows our expert engine technicians to not only demonstrate their unrivaled skills, but to also answer questions from the audience, as well as display parts of the engine one normally doesn’t have the opportunity to see,” explains Dallas Airmotive president, Doug Meador. “Combined, H+S Aviation and Dallas Airmotive are OEM-authorized to support over 20,000 helicopters powered by PW200, PW210, PT6C, PT6T, M250, RR300, CT7 and T700 engines.”

“Our mission is to provide personalized and responsive customer service. We believe trust is not given, it’s built. This M250 demonstration is another example of how we develop deep and lasting relationships with helicopter operators around the world,” continues Meador.

The M250 Build will begin on Tuesday, March 3rd with the maintenance team assembling the compressor and gearbox. Day 2 will feature the assembly of the turbine module and the mounting of the Compressor and Gearbox Stack. And finally on Day 3, the team will complete the final installation and associated plumbing. The three-day event was hosted by Amelia Rose Earhart, an avid aviator who successfully flew around the world last year re-tracing her namesake’s famous flight path.

The two BBA Aviation companies have been providing helicopter engine maintenance for over 40 years. H+S Aviation is the largest independent authorized M250 provider in Europe. Dallas Airmotive is building a state-of-the-art heavy maintenance facility at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport that will provide unparalleled support for M250 customers, as well as PW200, PW210 and RR300 operators. An architectural model of the new facility was officially unveiled at Heli-Expo.