Dry Barrier Filters

DART Aerospace offers the PB110D PUREair dry barrier filter, a direct-fit replacement for the Donaldson oil-wetted inlet barrier filter (IBF). The dry barrier filter is an addition to the current portfolio of PUREair products co-developed by Pall and DART Aerospace. 

The Pall Aerospace PUREair dry barrier filter is cleaned with water only and is ready for re-use within minutes, so it’s more than 98 percent faster to maintain. The dry barrier filter has been specifically designed using advanced synthetic dry media technology that virtually eliminates the maintenance associated with conventional oil-wetted barrier filters. It is currently approved as an FAA-PMA direct-fit replacement for the 206L/407 Donaldson IBF. Dry barrier filters for the 206L/407 FDC System, as well as for the AS350/355 Donaldson and FDC systems, will be available in the winter of 2015. 

For more information, visit www.dartaerospace.com.