HEATCON Lands Federal Contract to Help Fix Aircraft in Remote Locations

HEATCON Composite Systems received a $2.6 million deal to provide equipment that assists the military in repairing composite aircraft in remote locations.

“We are proud to be supporting the U.S. Army with advanced aerospace repair equipment,” HEATCON President Eric Casterline says.

With U.S. troops battling in harsh, mountainous terrain, the Army needs a system to fix helicopters and airplanes that are damaged in difficult environments. Besides the enemy, lightning, hail and other random impacts can also ground military aircraft for repair.

Hot bonders and other equipment from HEATCON will be used to repair structural components of damaged aircraft that require bonding processes. The company is providing the Army with nearly 200 portable hot bonders, which will be used to repair the composite structures on military aircraft.

The hot bonders developed for this contract retain functions similar to those of larger, more traditional equipment, while offering portability through the addition of DC battery-powered capabilities.

“The smaller size and lighter weight make these bonders easier to use in remote areas, and improve response time for technicians in the field,” HEATCON founder Howard Banasky says.

The equipment has a display that lets mechanics easily monitor the cure cycle of the composites used in repairs, which is important for assuring that the resulting component meets airworthiness requirements.

Deliveries begin this year, and shipping of the order is expected to be complete by spring 2012.

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