H+S Aviation and Dallas Airmotive Receive First Customer Engines on New RR300 AMROC Agreement

H+S Aviation and Dallas Airmotive, BBA Aviation companies, announce that they have received the first RR300 engines under their recently awarded RR300 Authorized Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Center (AMROC) agreement with Rolls-Royce. The companies announced the authorization at Heli-Expo 2014 in Anaheim, CA, in February.

“We have a long history of supporting engines from Rolls-Royce and the rotorcraft market. Our expertise with the Rolls-Royce M250® provides our customers with confidence that we know their engines and will provide the support they require,” explains Mark Taylor, Managing Director of H+S Aviation.

Between H+S Aviation’s facility in the UK and Dallas Airmotive’s North America facility, RR300 operators have access to comprehensive service and support. “In addition to the major repair and overhaul facilities, our global maintenance service network is made up of 12 Regional Turbine Centers and more than 100 field service representatives,” stated Doug Meador, President of Dallas Airmotive. “RR300 customers can now receive service and support anywhere in the world.”

Given the companies’ rotorcraft expertise, the companies recognized the potential growth of the RR300 market. “We knew the RR300 was going to gain rapid acceptance with operators worldwide,” says Mark Taylor, “The recent EASA certification of the R66 will undoubtedly drive greater growth in the European region and we have responded by ramping up our support capabilities to serve this rapidly growing fleet,” explains Taylor.

BBA Aviation’s engine companies provide MRO services for a wide range of engine component and accessories in the commercial, government and business aviation markets.  The companies are OEM-approved to service more than 80% of the turbine engines in operation today on business aircraft.

The company also announces that it will be expanding its global service network to include an overhaul facility in the Middle East and a new North American rotorcraft and test Center of Excellence in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. A final location is expected to be announced later this year.

Airbus Helicopters’ X3 High-Speed Demonstrator Makes its New Home at France’s National Air and Space Museum

After opening the frontiers of flight during a record-setting test program, Airbus Helicopters’ X3 is now ready for its place in history as this high-speed helicopter demonstrator is welcomed for display at the French national musée de l’Air et de l’Espace (Air and Space museum) of Paris-Le Bourget.

The X3 will be exhibited in the musée de l’Air et de l’Espace’s hangar facilities at Paris-Le Bourget airport, being strategically located with other high-speed legends – Europe’s supersonic Concorde jetliners.

Airbus Helicopters pursued the X3 development as part of self-funded company efforts to evolve rotorcraft that offer new ways to perform missions, fly faster and farther, and reduce operating and maintenance costs. The X3, known as a hybrid helicopter, demonstrated the company’s high-speed, long-range, Hybrid Helicopter (H3) concept.

From its maiden take-off in September 2010 to its retirement in 2013, the X3 fully validated Airbus Helicopters’ hybrid concept, using a pair of turboshaft engines to power both a five-blade helicopter main rotor and two propellers installed on short-span fixed wings.

During more than 155 hours logged by the aircraft in 199 flights, milestones achieved included a level flight speed of 255 knots (472 km/hr) on June 7, 2013 – surpassing previous high speeds reached by a helicopter. While exploring the full flight envelope in cruise, climb, at altitude and during descent, the X3 validated this high-speed concept’s qualities – including outstanding stability, intuitive piloting characteristics, as well as low vibration levels without the need for anti-vibration systems.