The Input Quill

Welcome to The Input Quill – our newly-renamed reader feedback section.

Thank you to all who sent in suggestions. Here are a few of the suggestions we received:

New name for letters to the editor


How about calling the “letters to the editor” for HeliMx “The Input Quill?” It might be a little obscure, but based on the definitions (highlighted) for the word “quill,” it might be appropriate. Every helicopter has at least two input quills (as well as output quills), and despite how comments are sent in today, they are written — and that used to be done with a quill.

quill  (kw l)

1. The hollow, stem-like main shaft of a feather. Also called calamus.
2. Any of the larger wing or tail feathers of a bird.
3. A writing pen made from the shaft of a feather.
4. Music
      a. A plectrum for a stringed instrument of the clavichord type
      b. A pipe having a hollow stem.

5. A toothpick made from the stem of a feather.
6. One of the sharp hollow spines of a porcupine or hedgehog.
7. A spindle or bobbin around which yarn is wound in weaving.
8. A hollow shaft that rotates on a solid shaft when gears are engaged.

Jon Robbins
Aviation Officer II (M)  |  CAL FIRE

Name for the feedback column

How about calling it the “Heli Holla-Back” column?

Gene Polis, Mesa, AZ

Suggestion for naming the reader feedback section


Just got through reading the latest issue of HeliMx and your reader feedback article. Love the magazine! As you asked for suggestions for a name for the feedback section, “Rotorhead Responses” jumped into my head. I’m sure you are going to get a bunch of great names. I’ll try to think of some more. 

Talk to you later,

Terry Peed
Chief Inspector
Helicopter Specialties Inc.


Naming the reader feedback section


Enjoyed the article Carbon Fiber Composite dealing with compressor cases. That 250 engine is a proven engine platform that just gets better with age. Keep the info flowing as these ideas are dreamed, designed, tested and proven.

Here are a few ideas for naming the reader feedback:

1. Tip Targets
2. Two-Per-Rev
3. From the barn ... (not really, it just sounded good)
4. Vertical Fan Mail
5. HeliMx Fan Mail

Have fun with it! Kind Regards,

 Bob Johnson,  A&P |  Eustis, FL


The need to apply knowledge and training

Good afternoon, Fred,

I just browsed through the latest issue of HeliMx and read your Vertical Viewpoint. I wished you would have added or expressed the need of applying knowledge and training. As I review many resumes, I am impressed with the amount of training certifications that applicants can list. More often, I find no supporting documents that show the ability to apply their training or knowledge. A person may be very highly certified, but without the ability to apply his or her training and knowledge, employment can be a disappointment for both parties.

To know and not to do is really not to know. To learn and not to do is really not to learn. To understand something and not apply it is really not to understand. It is only in doing and applying that knowledge and understanding are truly internalized. Attendance and obtaining a training certificate is not crossing the finish line. Internalization is the last step to the finish line in all aspects of training that is most often incomplete.

Justifications that certify the application of skills, abilities, training and knowledge are the most important and most undocumented items in resumes. The mechanic that can document those justifications has crossed the finish line in my viewpoint.

See you at HAI,

Kevin Russell
Director of Maintenance
Bonneville Aircraft Services

Hello, Kevin,

I am glad that my editorial struck a nerve with you and you felt compelled to respond. I am in total agreement with you. I, for one, have seen many in my career that were excellent in theory but failed to convert in the real world. Being able to apply what we learn, and know how to use that information, is the difference between those that can do and those that cannot. 

Thanks for reading HeliMx and we appreciate the feedback.

Best regards, Fred