JSfirm.com & D.O.M. Magazine Create D.O.M. JOBS

D.O.M. magazine publisher Greg Napert and JSfirm.com manager, Jeff Richards, together announce the release of D.O.M. JOBS. JSfirm.com and D.O.M. magazine have partnered to integrate the latest real-time aviation maintenance jobs from JSfirm.com direct to the D.O.M. magazine website — www.DOMmagazine.com..

“We did it again!” says Richards. “D.O.M. magazine is one of the top resources for news, events, and now jobs for aviation maintenance management professionals. JSfirm.com constantly finds new ways to get our client’s job postings in front of passive job seekers. We created D.O.M. JOBS because D.O.M. magazine is a great place to reach the top talent at maintenance departments,” Richards confirms. “Now when aviation companies post a job on JSfirm.com, it goes to the huge audience of maintenance professionals on DOMmagazine.com. We are pleased that we are able to provide this service to the aviation industry and the users of D.O.M. magazine.”

Publisher Greg Napert says that thousands of jobs are available to search free of charge. The search has been enhanced for DOMmagazine.com to include thousands of maintenance-related jobs, with dozens being added each day. Searches can be done based on your location — simply place the name of the city that you wish to find a job - and all aviation maintenance related jobs that are available in that area will be listed. Simply click on the JOBS tab at the top of DOMmagazine.com.

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