Klassic Tool Crib Distributor of ECKOLD Products

Klassic Tool Crib is the U.S. distributor of ECKOLD products. ECKOLD AG is recognized worldwide as the specialist in machines for forming sheet metal. ECKOLD machines are used for shrinking and stretching, doming, planishing, flattening, calibrating, etc. Based in Switzerland, ECKOLD goes to 50 countries all over the globe. About 50 motivated staff are running the business which was founded in Switzerland in 1957 by the grandfather of the current CEO Marc Eckold. Before Walter Eckold originally founded the company in Germany in 1936 he was working as a production engineer in the aircraft industry where he was working on the first all-metal aircraft – Junkers. This was the time when he invented the shrinking tools for sheet metal. The wide range of ECKOLD machines and forming tools are used in the automotive industry, aircraft manufacturing and servicing companies, ship- and boat builders, railway coach manufacturers and the sheet metal working industry in general. The technology is employed for bending profiles and 3-D forming of sheet metal, for making new parts as well as for repairs and the precise correcting of parts after pressing or welding. This intelligent technology is used in over 100 countries. Engineered and made in Switzerland and Germany, longevity and quality is built in all Eckold products.

For more information, contact Klassic Tool Crib at (734) 947-8100 or email sales@klassictoolcrib.com. You can also visit www.klassictoolcrib.com or www.eckold.com for further details