Ontic Supports Global Rotorcraft Market with Increased Capabilities

Ontic, a BBA Aviation company and provider of ‘Extended Life Solutions’ for OEM legacy products, announces that the company has significantly increased its manufacturing capabilities and MRO services for the rotorcraft market.

Over the last four years, Ontic has signed several licenses with aerospace’s top OEMs that has expanded the breadth of products and MRO services available to rotorcraft customers. The company now provides solutions for several civil and military platforms within the helicopter industry including: Bell 204/205/206 and 212, Airbus Helicopters AS350 and A332, AW109, AW101, CH-47 Chinook, MD-500, S-70, UH-60 Black Hawk and many more.

“Our position within the rotorcraft market has grown immensely due to our expanding partnerships with top OEMs serving the industry,” Gareth Hall, Ontic president & managing director says. “Ontic’s focus is to accommodate customers and OEMs according to their needs. As other technologies advance, we remain constant in order to extend support for legacy platforms with enhanced product availability and comprehensive MRO services from three global locations.”

Further, Hall explains that as popular helicopter platforms continue to age, he expects more OEMs to seek out Ontic’s specialized licensing solutions to enable lifetime customer and product support for legacy aircraft.

Ontic is a wholly owned subsidiary of BBA Aviation plc, with over 40 years of aerospace product manufacturing and aftermarket support experience. Ontic provides FAA, CAAS, CAAC, EASA Part 21 and 145 OEM support, including new and serviceable spares and repairs for over 5,500 maturing aircraft parts. Its portfolio of products, licensed or acquired from major OEMs such as Honeywell, UTC Aerospace, Safran, Thales and GE Aviation, span all major aircraft systems in both civil and military markets.

For more information, visit www.ontic.com.