Quick Release Long Cargo Tube

DART Aerospace’s quick release long cargo tube was designed for the specific needs of AS350/355 operators transporting up to 12-foot-long cargo. It can carry up to 280 pounds of long, narrow items such as antennas, snow sampling rods and construction material.

DART’s quick release long cargo tube can be removed by one person and without tools. The tube installs with the same mounting system already used on the DART quick release Heli-Utility basket and features integrated carry handles to facilitate handling.      

The long cargo tube is currently approved in Canada. Approvals for other countries are expected shortly.

Key Features

- Can be installed on the left or right side, or on both sides simultaneously

- Integrated carry handles

- Spacepod and Squirrel Cheek compatible

- Available with or without mounting system

- No flight restrictions

For more information, visit www.dartaerospace.com