Rivet Drill Guide


The rivet drill guide is based on 43 years of experience in sheetmetal and structures. This kit was designed to be simple and easy to use. The hard case features an FOD-free closed cell charcoal foam, shadowed with a white foam underlay. The case is vapor and moisture tight and will float. It also has a hinged lid with “O” ring seal and three over center cam latches. The kit comes with Boelube 70104. The kit’s red color makes it easy to spot if misplaced — even the vinyl handles on the drill guides are red in case they are dropped in the bowels of an aircraft. These drill guides can be used with threaded bits as well as straight jobber bits. These guides can be used with any 1/4-inch drill, 90 degree, 45 degree, snake drill, pancakes, etc. Because of their compact design, they will work in tight areas. The foot of each guide is designed to fit within the pitch of most rivet patterns.

These guides are easy to use. First, select the appropriate guide for the rivet being drilled. Set the conical recess of the guide over the rivet head. Hold firmly with two fingers, making sure there is no movement from side to side. Dip drill bit in lube, insert drill into bore of guide and drill. There is usually no need to drill much past the thickness of the rivet head in depth. After the head is drilled, the rivet can be punched out with little effort.

For more information, visit www.rivetdrillguide.com, send e-mail to rita@rivetdrillguide.comor call (214) 980-0279.