Self-propelled GPU

Powered by a Yanmar/Isuzu industrial engine, the Start Pac Hi-Brd 2 self-propelled 28.5 vDC GPU can provide up to 300 amps of continuous power. In addition, the built-in battery bank will start any electrically started turbine or piston engine.

This GPU is controlled by an advanced computer system that senses battery voltage automatically. When the battery voltage is below a predefined voltage, the unit will automatically start itself to recharge the batteries and then shut itself down.

For ease of handling on ramps, this GPU self-propels to maneuver forward or backward and is speed controlled by the operator. For longer distances, the Start Pac Hi-Brd 2 can be towed with a tug or vehicle. Start Pac GPUs have heavy-duty frames and cabinets and include automotive-type steering and brakes. This diesel-electric hybrid GPU was designed with five removable doors for easy access. The Yanmar engine and generator are designed to run trouble-free for thousands of hours with normal servicing and maintenance.

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