SevenBar Aviation Receives GrandNew from AgustaWestland

A GrandNew AW 109 was delivered by AgustaWestland to SevenBar Aviation in a formal delivery ceremony September 23 at the 2014 Air Medical Transport Conference. The GrandNew is the first rotor wing aircraft to be entered into SevenBar Aviation’s fleet.

“We are extremely excited to announce the addition of a Rotor-Wing aircraft to our fleet with the introduction of the GrandNew AW109,” CEO of SevenBar Aviation Wade Black says. “The addition of rotor wing services will enhance the capabilities of the transport program and ultimately improve patient care.”

The GrandNew will join a fleet of fixed wing aircraft to deliver advanced in-flight patient care and transport and features a Spectrum EMS Single/Dual Litter capable interior that houses a medical cabinet, a 6.7ft (2.04 m) stretcher, patient oxygen system and various medical mounting areas within the cabin. Additionally, the aircraft is equipped with a searchlight and a digital moving map.

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