SKYscapes Basecoat-Clearcoat System From Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Meets Two SAE AMS 3095 Certifications for Complete Coatings Systems

SKYscapes®, a new basecoat/clearcoat exterior paint system developed by Sherwin-Williams Aerospace, now has two complete coating systems - including pretreatment, corrosion protective primer, topcoat and clearcoat – certified with SAE International’s Aerospace Material Specification 3095 (AMS 3095).

The first of the two certified systems include 1) Alodine, 2) 483987 Primer and 3) SKYscapes basecoat/clearcoat. The second includes 1) Alodine, 2) 483787 Chrome Hazard Free Primer and 3) SKYscapes basecoat/clearcoat. Using the SKYscapes basecoat/clearcoat exterior paint system now delivers faster process times, brighter and better hiding colors and easier maintenance repairs versus traditional single-stage aviation paint systems. In fact, it can cut up to 30 percent off traditional coating process time. This allows aviation MRO facilities and their paint shops to augment production schedules and turnaround more paint jobs.

“With our AMS 3095 certified-coatings and extremely high service standards, you’re going to get a better custom finish that’s delivered to you with little or no wait time, keeping your painting operations moving and helping you get your planes back in the air in the shortest amount of time possible,” says Karen O’Hara, Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Global Sales Manager “Our complete painting systems deliver the highest quality, durability and reparability.”

More than 2,500 SAE Aerospace Material Specifications (AMS) are recognized throughout the aerospace community and other industries, including the U.S. Department of Defense, which has adopted more than 900 of these documents into its standards. These AMS specifications are procurement standards rather than design specifications. AMS 3095 covers high-gloss paints for use on civil aircraft.

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