SkyTrac Systems Introduces LARS Compliant Crash Hardened Memory

SkyTrac Systems announces the introduction of its new Crash Hardened Memory module (CHM). This solid state memory accessory ensures the survivability of critical flight data in the event an incident occurs and is used with their Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) solution, the ISAT-200A. It can also be interfaced with third party systems to safeguard flight data.

The CHM meets FAA’s proposed Lightweight Aircraft Recording System (LARS) requirements when used with the ISAT-200A. The module aids in analyzing aircraft behavior and determining the cause of an incident without the need for datamapping. The module is also capable of conducting post-mission flight animations.

The hardware received DO-160G certification for environmental testing and is designed to ED-155 specifications. The durable case has passed flame, G impact and static crushing tests, and safeguards the memory card that holds 30 days of flight data and 2 hours of audio data. Data stored may be customized to include an unlimited number of external inputs captured and recorded by the ISAT-200A.

“The SkyTrac team works hard to provide products that complement and enrich our aviation data and services solutions and the Crash Hardened Memory module does just that,” comments SkyTrac president and CEO Malachi Nordine. “The CHM provides extremely valuable information for incident analysis that further helps in accident prevention.”