Tool Storage Box

Snap-on Industrial’s new visual tool control (VTC) tool storage box with a clear, abrasion-resistant polycarbonate window gives technicians a full view of their tools for instant accountability and asset management.

The VTC, which can hold about 100 tools, is ideal for industries where tool control and asset management is paramount. The ability for technicians to return their tools and see if any are missing, even after the box is closed, greatly reduces tool loss and foreign object damage (FOD) concerns.

The VTC is perfect for point-of-use work for specific maintenance functions. This means the VTC can be outfitted with tools for a certain work task or function, and positioned in that area so technicians always have the right tools ready to use. The VTC is secured with an e-lock or keyless entry system.

Features and benefits of the VTC include:

• Designed to visually manage tools at the point of use

• Single-layer box positions tools at an angle for easy viewing and access

• Strike-zone presentation of tools at waist level to eliminate the need to bend or stretch for tools

• Available in 34-inch size, which will hold about 70 tools, and 49-inch size, which holds about 100 tools

• Full-swing door hinge creates unobstructed entry when opened; gas shocks keep door in the upright position

• Interior tool control options are foam or metal peg board

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