Avionics Technician

Top Three Skills:Wiring Schematics Aircraft Avionics ExperienceSecurity Clearance Job Description:The candidate will be assembling wiring harnesses on the aircraft for aircraft modifications. Generally the projects will run 1-3 months per aircraft serviced. Primary responsibilities will be to run an wire cutting machine and a placard or label machine. Secondary responsibilities will be harness assembly, terminations, and solderingSkills used:*Assembly/fabrication of wire harnesses and other avionics assemblies*Blueprint or schematic reading*Wire termination, basic soldering, splicing, and other avionics skills*Avionics hangar environment. Any back shop experience is nice to have. Work Environment:Hangar environment and will be working on the aircraft. There is a chance they could move people in the back shop if they have a knack for this kind of work. The hangars are super clean and they aren't climate controlled, but it doesn't generally get very hot. This position may Intel crawling around inside an aircraft and wiring in tight spaces Qualifications:- Min of 2 years experience working with aircraft (will look at military experience and open to rotary wing experience)- Experience reading blueprints and conducting modifications to aircraftAverage candidates will have no security clearance and 1-4 years of Depot level experience Best candidates will have an active security clearance and 5-10 years of depot level experience Performance Expectations:Must be able to read blueprints and handle all fabrication tasks including but not limited to routing, cutting to length, crimping, pinning, terminating, soldering. Interview Information:Hire off resumeĀ  $28.00/hr for local (not eligible for per diem)Non-Local:$35.50/hr. for those eligible for per diem ($23/hr. W2, $12.50/hr. per diem - 4 day max). $47/hr for OT Benefits:1 week of accrued PTO and holiday pay

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Colorado Springs

MUST COMPLETE AV TESTMUST List C/D Check experience in the resume MUST have Aircraft worked on listed in Summary