Composite Technician

AIR CRAFT SHEET METAL MECHANIC/BONDING:  Performs included: applied schematics, blueprints, sketches, engineering directives, repair manuals, and original part templates to remove, replace, and repair; skins, spars, bulkheads, ribs, clips, stringers, brackets, angles, and doublers, wings, spoilers, flaps, rudders, fuel tanks, sponsons, tail booms, engine cowlings, slats, landing gear doors, radomes, and engine air particle separator. BONDING: duties include: remove and replace pockets on tail rotor blades, bonded tail rotor blades, landing gear doors, ramps, slats, spoilers, flaps engine cowlings, and loading doors. Performed shear test and tap test to ensure proper bonding. MANUFACTURING: laid out and fabricated; splices, angles, ribs, clips, bulkheads, doublers, and patches (surface and flush), rubber-pressure blocks, flats, and other tooling using jig and fixtures, alignment tools, contour templates and other devices as necessary to ensure proper alignment, measurement and re-aligning of structures. HARDWARE/MATERIALS USED: rivets, hulk bolts, cherrymax. Hi-Locks, screws, jo-bolts, castings, forgings, variety of aluminum alloy sheet and angle stock, carbon and stainless steel, titanium, fiberglass and plastics, including honeycomb, films, and fillers. NOTE: All tasks performed required meeting Quality Assurance as per FAA standards.

Aircraft Technicians, Inc.
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Aircraft Experience in Commercial Airplanes such as B-727/737/757/767; A318/319/320.Blue Prints and SRM interpretation is required.A&P Licensed is a plus.