Maintenance Test Pilot

SUMMARY: Performs flights and demonstrates proficiency during standardization flights on aircraft. Performs mathematical calculations required for weight and balance, performance data for take off, cruise, and landing configurations of aircraft in which the individuals are qualified.ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:1. Performs pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight procedures in accordance with Company, Army or Air Force directives depending on assignment.2. Performs operational ground checks, taxi checks, hover checks on rotary wing aircraft; functional check flights, general and limited maintenance test flights, confirmation check flights of aircraft and aircraft systems undergoing maintenance and determines, in accordance with Army or Air Force technical publications and Company procedures, the airworthiness of an aircraft prior to its release for customer use.3. Performs troubleshooting procedures of an aircraft on the ground and in flight, and makes appropriate (verbal or written log entry) recommendations to assist ground personnel in correcting deficiencies.4. Performs recovery and ferry flights.5. Instructs maintenance personnel for aircraft ground run-up and taxi operations to prepare employees for certification.6. Keeps abreast of, and complies with FAA and local flying regulations and safety procedures as applicable for the job.7. Maintains proficiency in basic flight maneuvers, appropriate aircraft emergency procedures and instrument flying consistent with Army or Air Force technical publications and Company requirements.8. Briefs and demonstrates operational and emergency procedures to flight crew and non- crew members.OTHER DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:1. When not actually engaged in the physical operation of the aircraft, must be willing to be engaged in study, preparation and personal development to further physical and mental skills required to operate aircraft.2. Operates motor vehicles in performance of assigned duties.3. Completes records as required by TAMMS-A necessary to record aircraft and/or engine performance data. Completes maintenance documentation accurately using Integrated Maintenance Data System (IMDS) and required forms, and must show proficiency in IMDS within 90 days when assigned to the Air Force Project.4. Required to participate in instrument flight simulator training.5. May be required to fly profile flights, which may include NVG, PNVS, and tactics.

Pilot-Rotary Wing
M1 Support Services
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Fort Rucker

QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS:1. Must demonstrate successfully the ability to start, run-up, fly, navigate and land aircraftthat the individual is qualified to operate.2. Must hold a valid and current FAA Commercial Pilot certificate with rotorcraft and instrument ratings in the aircraft class (fixed, rotary or both) for which a position is offered.3. Must hold a valid FAA Instrument rating in the designated aircraft class for which job is offered.4. Must have recorded (and proof presented) a minimum of 1,000 hours as pilot in command in the specific aircraft class for which a position is offered. Must have recorded (and proof presented) a minimum of 1,500 hours of pilot in command in the specific aircraft class for which a position is offered with 500 hours experience in helicopters of which at least 250 hours must have been in the UH-1H or Bell 205 when assigned to the Air Force Project. Fifty percent of minimum flight time of pilot in command can be in commercial aircraft similar to or already in the Army or Air Force#8217;s inventory when position is offered.5. Must have satisfactorily completed a proficiency check, either Military (U.S. Army#8217;s UH- 1H Maintenance Test Pilot Course) or FAA Test Flight Program in the UH-1H or Bell 205 when assigned to the Air Force Project.EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE:1. High school diploma or equivalent General Educational Development (GED) certificate.2. AMOC II graduation is a requisite for this job classification. Pilots flying OH-58D, CH-47, AH-64 or UH-60 aircraft must be a Phase II graduate in that particular aircraft before assuming Maintenance Test Pilot duties in those aircraft. Job candidates who meet qualifications 1 through 4 can be provided an AMOC Phase II course within 180 days from entering the classification to become Phase II AMOC II qualified, provided the Government approves AMOC Phase II flight training. Failure to successfully complete the required course will disqualify the employee for this job classification.MATHEMATICAL SKILLS:1. Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide in all units of measure, using whole integers, common and decimal fractions.2. Ability to compute rates, ratios, percentages, and interpolations necessary for aircraft and engine performance.PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:1. Must hold a valid and current FAA or military Class II Medical Certificate as prescribed by the Government. Must undergo initially and annually thereafter, flight physical(s) prior to piloting an U. S. Army or Air Force aircraft.