Police Officer-Recruit/ Helicopter Pilot

GENERAL FUNCTION:Under close supervision, will attend a California Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) approved Basic Academy to successfully complete the course of study necessary to gain Peace Officer status in the State of California.  Academic progress and physical achievement are closely monitored during this training period. This is an entry level classification and a non-sworn position which has no police officer powers. Upon successful completion of the required course of study in a POST Basic Academy, incumbents may be accepted as a sworn Peace Officer. This class is distinguished from Police Officer, which is a sworn classification with Peace Officer authorities.  ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:The Police Officer-Recruit/Helicopter Pilot attends a California Basic Academy, which includes courses necessary to gain POST approved peace officer status; may attend an orientation within the Police Department or District; receives academy and field training to become a Police Officer; performs other related duties as assigned.

Pilot-Rotary Wing
East Bay Regional Park District
Job Type: 

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: POST: Must meet current peace officer selection standards as set by the CaliforniaCommission on POST, and Citizenship: Applicant must be a citizen of the United States, or, a permanent resident alien,  who is eligible for and has applied for citizenshipwithin 3 years from date of employment, and Education: High School graduation or passage of General Education Development Test (GED), and successful completion of at least 24 semester or 36 quarter units of college level courses.  (For purposes of this requirement, credit will be given for units recognized by POST in the completion of a Basic POST training course through an accredited institution or agency.) Additionally, credit will be given for a minimum of two years of Active Military Service and Physical: Must be at least 21 years of age (entry-level applicants must be at least 20.5 years of age), and free from any physical, emotional, or mental condition which mightinterfere with the ability to perform the essential functions of Police Officer/Helicopter Pilot duties, as determined by the California Peace Officer Standard and Training (POST) standards, must be able to meet the medical standards for an F.A.A. Class II Medical Certificate, and Character: Must be of good character and reputation and not have been convicted of a felony crime or serious misdemeanor offense and must be able to pass a strictbackground investigation.