Advanced Tool Control System

Snap-on Industrial offers its automated Level 5 ATC tool control system that advances tool management by ensuring both tool access and security. The blending of a tool storage box design with keyless entry, plus a powerful PC-based database and innovative digital imaging technology, has created a premium asset management product.

Snap-on Level 5 ATC starts with Snap-on Industrial’s HID proximity card keyless entry system. Each user’s assigned ID or key card is embedded with a user-specific code, so the tool storage unit knows at every moment exactly who has accessed the system.

As the tool storage unit is accessed to remove or return tools, ATC uses digital imaging technology to scan each tool in the drawer and determine its status. ATC’s audio system announces tool issue and return. If tool status is questionable, the Snap-on Level 5 ATC can display the disputed tool transaction on the seven-inch LCD or it can be identified in the audit image at the administrator’s PC. User log data and time-date information is available for every transaction.

 The process is simple — scan the proximity card to log in, enter a work location, and remove or return the tools. Digital cameras located in the top of the unit capture a scan of the drawer and determine which tools have been removed or returned. The user then logs out. After each user logout, the digital imaging devices forward full-drawer images and log files to the PC where they are stored for later access.

The integrated imaging/software package employed in the system is an extension of the company’s work with digital image capture technology in the automotive market.

The Snap-on Level 5 ATC System offers an optional administrator’s software package that is used to add and delete users, assign various levels of user access and lock permissions, and track individual tool usage. The administrator’s system can be synchronized to individual or multiple boxes and can pull data and images from each selected tool box. The data logs and audit image files are available for inspection in the administrator’s program following synchronization with the box. Other features available in the administrator’s toolbox include creation of various reports, tools searches, alerts for broken tools and tools out for calibration, tool custody transfer and box set-up functions.

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