AERO Specialties Acquires JetGo International

AERO Specialties announces the outright purchase of Australia based JetGo International. JetGo revolutionized the GSE industry with its innovative line of diesel-electric hybrid ground power units (GPU). AERO Specialties had previously been the exclusive distributer for JetGo International.

JetGo hybrid-electric direct current GPUs are specifically designed to meet the increasing demand in the aviation industry for a quieter, more fuel efficient “green” ground power unit. “The brilliant design of the JetGo ground power units will set a new standard for 28V DC ground power units. Its amazingly compact size, impressive continuous and peak power, operator safety and aircraft system protection features, coupled with its ease of use, make this truly a one-of-a-kind unit,” states Matt Sheehan, President of AERO Specialties. Sheehan addes, “We are proud to be manufacturing JetGo ground power units as a complement to our extensive GSE product line.”