Aeronautical Accessories to Distribute TrueView EVS Infrared Thermal Imaging Systems

Bell Helicopter announces that it has formed a distributor partnership to sell products from TrueView Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS), LLC under its Aeronautical Accessories brand. TrueView EVS’ infrared thermal imaging system improves flight safety in compromised flight conditions such as darkness or low light/low visibility conditionsand virtually eliminates the chance of controlled flight into terrain (CFIT).

Under the agreement, Aeronautical Accessories will distribute TrueView EVS infrared enhanced vision systems worldwide.

TrueView EVS’ infrared thermal imaging system is supplemental type certificate (STC) certified in the United States and Canada for Bell 206B and 206L series aircraft. In addition to the existing products, TrueView is currently developing other systems for additional helicopter models including theBell 407 and Bell 429. 

“We are pleased to add the TrueView infrared thermal imaging systems to our product offering and look forward to expanding this category in the future,” saysJennifer Lunceford, sales manager for Aeronautical Accessories. “The addition of these systems to our catalog is another example of how Aeronautical Accessories is proving our commitment of providing innovative solutions at reasonable prices to our customers.”

“We appreciate Aeronautical Accessories’ recognition of the quality, performance, and marketability of the TrueView EV systems,” says Thomas Madden, President of TrueView Enhanced Vision Systems. “Like Aeronautical Accessories, TrueView EVS is committed to superior performance and assuring a perfect fit to Bell Helicopter airframes. With an accomplished marketing partner such as Aeronautical, we will be able to focus our resources on rapidly expanding the company’s EVS product line.” 

The infrared thermal imaging system is comprised of three components: the camera assembly, prefabricated wiring harness, and the LCD monitor, including monitor mount and glare shield. TrueView offers the EV system as a complete kit, with a detailed installation manual, covering every aspect of the installation, which is easily installed in approximately six hours.

Key benefits of the TrueView EVS infrared thermal imaging system include:

  • Lightweight – weighs only 4.8 lbs
  • High definition – the highest definition infrared image available on the market today, combined with 55 degree tilt feature
  • Proven quality – built upon a FLIR®Photo infrared camera core within a sealed, nitrogen purged aluminum capsule
  • Warranty – one of the best in the industry
  • Affordable – priced well below other systems
  • Easy single-pilot operation – the entire system is controlled by a simple on/off switch, draws less than one ampere, and instantly provides a viewable image when activated

For more information on the Infrared Enhanced Vision System, contact the Aeronautical Accessories sales team at 1-800-251-7094 or email your question to