Aeronautical Accessories Expands EASA-approved Products

Aeronautical Accessories Inc., an affiliate company of Bell Helicopter, has expanded its list of new 2010 products that have achieved certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

 The EASA certification of these products is an important element of the rotorcraft parts manufacturer and distributor’s strategic priorities.

 “Tying new product certification initiatives with global distribution expansion allows us to more strategically meet the needs of our customers,” says Greg Williams, president and general manager, Edwards & Associates, Aeronautical Accessories’ parent company. “In designing our products we listen to customers’ requirements and develop products that enhance the value of their mission.

 “We’ve had an extremely successful year in terms of developing new products and there are more yet to come. We are committed to achieving appropriate certifications for each region and continue to focus on global distribution aimed at providing our customers local service in an international market.”

 In the past months, Aeronautical Accessories has received EASA type certifications for products such as:

• High visibility crew doors and kits, bulged skylight, tail boom antenna mount kit, mounting provisions for tail boom radar altimeter (for Bell 407)

• Replacement low skid crosstubes (for Bell AB 412 and AB 412EP)

• Passenger shoulder harness restraint system (for Bell 206A,B)

Aeronautical Accessories distributes products in Europe through a partnership with the Bell Helicopter Supply Center in the Netherlands. The company also has distribution affiliates in more than 110 countries.

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