Aircraft Propeller Service (APS) Now Servicing Helicopter Servo Actuators

Aircraft Propeller Service, LLC (APS,, Lake Zurich, IL), a commercial propeller maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) service, is now repairing helicopter servo actuators. The announcement comes after APS was selected as a licensee for the components’ OEM in a recent competition.

APS vice president of Sales & Marketing, Dennis Santare, also announces that APS has just established a service agreement with Leonardo Helicopters ( of Rome, Italy, to begin work servicing the actuators on AW109 series helicopters for operators throughout Brazil. Leonardo manages comprehensive aftermarket support for its customer base in Brazil.

According to Santare, “In preparation for this new repair work on AW109 helicopters, APS installed new test equipment, tools, parts, etc., in addition to sending two of its technicians to the OEM for extensive training. With this addition to our capabilities portfolio, and given the caliber of our team, processes and technologies, APS can now bring its high-quality brand of MRO services to AW109 operators throughout Brazil. This latest licensing award from the OEM further strengthens our relationship with the OEM and reflects its confidence in our organization.

Further, given the popularity of the AW109, a line of modern, light, twin-engine helicopters which are used for military and government work as well as by commercial and civilian operators, we feel like we are well-positioned for growth into other platforms which depend on servo actuator controls.”

APS Brazil general manager, Fabio Renato Rossi do Nascimento, notes that among the new equipment added in the APS Brazil facility in Atibaia, the AW109 Test Stand is among the most complex. Imported from Poland, this equipment is able to fully perform the functional, operational and troubleshooting tests of both main rotor and tail rotor actuators, making sure all the parameters referenced in OEM maintenance manuals match what technicians are witnessing from each actuator that APS repairs. “We have the most advanced high technology interface between the mechanic and test stand control systems. We use Labview, a software tool developed by National Instruments, in order to ensure accuracy through all of the testing protocols. Such high technology provides APS with the assurance that when an actuator leaves our facility, it is ready to be safely installed and operated.”

Santare continues, “Our business is repairing critical safety of flight components, and, given the implications, we are laser-focused on operational excellence. We are proud that OEMs and operators continue to recognize this.”

All of Leonardo’s helicopters, including the AW109 series, AW119, AW139, AW169, and AW189 are in high demand in Latin America and Brazil, where the total fleet exceeds 180 aircraft. Its new relationship with APS will further support its continued growth in the market. Leonardo continues to maintain a leading position in the multi-engine helicopter segment in South America and the broader global market.

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