Airwolf Aerospace Gains STC Approval for Bell 206 Torsion-Tension Straps

Airwolf Aerospace has earned an FAA STC for its recently PMA-approved Torsion-Tension (TT) Straps for Bell 206 Jet Ranger, 206L Long Ranger and OH 58 helicopters (civilian and military).

Airwolf’s TT straps anchor each rotor blade to the mast while accommodating the multi-directional forces inherent in rotorcraft flight. They are manufactured using a specially-designed proprietary process to accommodate the torsion and tension requirements of the rotor hub.

Airwolf straps are approved for all Jet Rangers, Long Rangers and military OH 58s and licensed engineers can install them in the field.

The STC (SR02964CH) is recognized as a certification basis for offshore applications such as those regulated by EASA.