ALI Receives FAA-PMA Approval for its LED Replacement Lights

ALI LED Replacement LampsAircraft Lighting International (ALI) announces it has received FAA-PMA approval for its 12mm LED replacement lights. These LED lights are direct replacements of B/E Aerospace and Aircraft Lighting International’s fluorescent lamps.

Requiring no new wiring, no new lamp holders, no new dimmers or new controllers, these innovative and fully dimmable LED replacement lights are 100% interchangeable with existing fluorescent lamps, making it an affordable and convenient upgrade to any aircraft. With ALI’s LED replacement lights, the industry now has the option of converting fluorescent cabin lighting to more efficient LED lighting without the hassle of downtime or the significant cost of converting an aircraft’s entire lighting system.

“You can’t imagine how easy it is to change out the lights” says one of ALI's customers. “Literally, one takes out the old fluorescent lamps and puts back on the existing lamp holders the new LED lights and you are done”.

Aircraft Lighting International has been a manufacturer of aircraft interior lighting systems since 1998 and it carries a full array of fluorescent, LED, reading lights and compartment lighting.

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