American Eurocopter Delivers EC145 to University of Utah AirMed Program

American Eurocopter announces that it delivered an EC145 to the University of Utah’s AirMed Program. AirMed currently has a fleet of four helicopters. This is the program’s first Eurocopter aircraft and will be providing a much-needed upgrade to one of its older aircraft.

“We were getting to the point where it wasn’t cost effective to operate our other helicopter, and we needed to make a change in order to provide our patients with the type of service they need and deserve,” says Rob Stantus, AirMed Program Manager. “We evaluated several twin-engine aircraft during our selection process. The EC145 was the only one to meet all of our requirements: performance, cabin size, flexibilities, capabilities, and more. We are looking forward to adding this aircraft to our fleet.”

The EC145, powered by two Turbomeca ARRIEL engines, features high-set main and tail rotors, rear-loading clamshell doors, large cabin, extra payload capacity, unmatched visibility and additional safety features.

After the delivery at American Eurocopter’s Texas facility, the aircraft will be flown to Denver, where it will be completed by United Rotorcraft, a division of Air Methods. Air Methods is the operator of AirMed’s fleet, and the program is one of Air Methods’ longest-running customers.

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