Aspen Avionics Announces TSO Approval for Evolution Synthetic Vision

Aspen Avionics announces the Technical Standard Order (TSO) approval of Evolution Synthetic Vision (ESV) for Evolution Primary Flight Displays (PFDs) and Multi-function Flight Displays (MFDs). Evolution Synthetic Vision is enabled by Software Version 2.4.x, which will be available upon Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval. FAA STC approval of ESV is imminent and shipment availability is expected to be mid-September 2011.

Unique to ESV is the ability to customize the display layout to suit individual preferences, including the flexibility to toggle different fields of view between narrow or wide, to best suit the phase of flight. The wide field of view is suited for enroute, while the narrow field of view is best for zooming in on the approach environment. ESV can also be displayed in any of the available window configurations — full screen, split screen, or thumbnail layouts — and on the PFD, the MFD, or both.

Another significant capability provided with Aspen’s ESV is a built-in Terrain Warning System (TWS). Combining the use of synthetic vision terrain coloring, flight path marker coloring, caution and warning text annunciations, and a cockpit terrain audio warning signal, the TWS alerts the pilot when terrain or obstacle conflict is imminent. For operations in the terminal area, the TWS employs intelligent alerting logic that suppresses alerts for terrain proximity that is expected and normal during this phase of flight, minimizing nuisance alerting and further increasing safety and reducing pilot workload during critical phases of flight.

The initial release of ESV will cover the continental United States. ESV coverage for the rest of the world will be available later this year. The initial release of ESV for Class III and helicopter customers will also occur later this year and will be available on the MFD. ESV display on the level B PFD is expected to be released late 2012.

For existing customers, ESV can be added to their PFDs and MFDs with an easy software upgrade that can be completed at any Aspen authorized dealer. For new customers, ESV can be added as an option at the time of purchase. For a full list of Aspen dealers, visit: