AvidAir Receives FAA Approval for Compressor Case Composite Lining

AvidAir International is one of only six companies world-wide that provides RR250 compressor case repair and overhaul (R&O), and has recently been granted Federal Aviation Administration approval to provide its new patent pending carbon fiber composite lining to the industry.

Craig Rookstool, President and CEO for AvidAir notes that this is a new carbon fiber composite solution for the existing, inherently fragile, 40 year old plastic lining design. This new high performance lining will provide operators with longer compressor case TBOs (and most likely an enhancement to turbine life). Rookstool states that "the AvidAir 1200 hour composite lining warranty is there to back it up."

Rookstool explains that the operator-focused product is intended to eliminate premature removal of the case by reducing the crack propagation and missing plastic typically found with the old plastic lining at the 300 hour compressor case inspections, thus reducing part cost, operating costs and aircraft down-time while sourcing a replacement part.