Avtrak Announces 2012 Regional Training and IA Renewal Schedule

Avtrak announces its regional training and IA renewal schedule for 2012. Co-hosted by Avtrak and Gulfstream Aerospace, these educational seminars provide attendees with information regarding regulatory trends in aircraft maintenance and compliance as well as an in-depth overview of both the GlobalNet™ and Gulfstream’s CMP.net™ systems. The 2012 schedule features dates and locations throughout the U.S. and Europe and qualify towards an IA renewal for those holding an FAA-issued Inspection Authorization. To learn more about Avtrak’s Regional Training Seminars or to register for the event, contact Val Ast in Avtrak Customer Service at +1 (303) 615-7189 or vast@avtrak.com.

Avtrak Regional Training Seminar Schedule

United States

Ft. Lauderdale FL - February 16

Dallas, TX - March 20

White Plains, NY - April 19

Wichita, KS - June 21

Dayton, OH - August 23

Burbank, CA - October 18

Vienna, Austria - March 13

Zurich, Switzerland - March 15

Lisbon, Portugal - May 9

Madrid, Spain - May 11

Luton, England - July 17

Sao Paulo, Brazil - August 17

Avtrak offers aviation compliance services for virtually all makes and models of business aircraft including jets, turboprops and helicopters. Established in 1996, the company pioneered cloud-based maintenance tracking systems. Avtrak serves customers worldwide and provides the technology behind Gulfstream’s CMP.net™ systems. For more information, visit www.avtrak.com.