Weighing just over seven pounds, the new Battery-MINDer answers the requirements of both shops and owners to fully power all electronics, without discharging the battery. In addition, it safely charges to 100 percent in a little as one hour (depending on battery size), without removing batteries from the aircraft (subject to battery manufacturer’s requirements or recommendations). It automatically desulfates weak batteries, allowing many of them to pass airworthiness capacity tests they would otherwise fail. BatteryMINDer Model 28252-AA-S4 supplies up to 25 amps of power from 100-240vAC, as far as 300 feet from the source. Endorsed by the major aircraft battery makers in the U.S., it safely charges as well as maintains both sealed and wet cell batteries. The unit can be left connected at all times, preventing batteries from self-discharging when used infrequently. 

• For all makes of sealed or wet cell (flooded) aviation-specific lead acid batteries

• World-wide automatic operation from 100-240vAC 50/60 Hz

• IEC socket allows use of all plug types world-wide

• Plug ‘n Run operation - for basic functions

• CE approved

• Maintains batteries over extended non-use periods without over- or under-charging

• Thermal sensor prevents possible under or over-charge, regardless of temperature

• Ensures full charge prior to capacity testing

• Recovers deeply discharged batteries and many that would fail capacity testing 

• Pulse-type desulfation — uses high frequency, not high voltage, to safely dissolve sulfate without hurting battery’s storage plates

• Five-year warranty — 100 percent parts and labor

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