BBA’s F1RST Support Center Goes Live for AOG Response

BBA Aviation Engine Repair and Overhaul (ERO) has unveiled its F1RST Support global technical operations center powered by Dallas Airmotive. The center uses integrated satellite tracking to deliver fast and efficient response to aircraft on ground situations.

“We believe this is a game changer for the engine support industry,” says BBA Aviation ERO president Hugh McElroy. “F1RST Support has a highly integrated real-time system that can identify locations of field service technicians, rental engines, mobile response vehicles and tooling at any given moment, any time of the day, anywhere in the world. We track the precise status of every field service job as well as the availability of our assets and personnel.

“By monitoring air and land-based traffic as well as the impact of weather and airport delays, when a customer calls with an AOG issue, we can rapidly deploy solutions via the most efficient means and routes. This industry-leading service enables us to deliver a step-function improvement over existing engine support services. Decisions on resource allocation that used to take hours to ascertain and coordinate can now be handled in seconds.”

The F1rst Support center is hosted by Dallas Airmotive in Grapevine, TX.