Becker’s DVCS6100 Installed in 1000th EC135

Becker Avionics announces the recent delivery by Eurocopter Germany GmbH of the 1000th EC135 to ADAC Air Rescue with a Becker Avionics digital audio and intercom system, DVCS6100, installed.

ADAC Air Rescue will utilize the aircraft primarily for HEMS missions. “The DVCS6100 is the ideal system for HEMS operations, due to the excellent Man-Machine-Interface, outstanding field reliability, and its crystal-clear audio quality,” said Klaus Fruehwirth, vice president of sales and marketing. “The DVCS 6100 digital audio-intercommunication system fulfills the highest requirements for audio system quality and reliability, which results in a higher level of safety.”

The DVCS system installed in the ADAC EC135 is comprised of one Remote Electronic Unit (REU) 6100, two Audio Control Panel (ACU) 6100s for pilot and copilot, and one ACU6101 Audio Control Panel for the medical cabin.