Bell 407 Vision and Lighting Accessory Kits Now Available Through Aeronautical Accessories

Piney Flats, TN  - Bell Helicopter, a Textron Inc. company, announces it has received FAA approval for new vision and lighting accessory kits for Bell 407 helicopter models.  The Aeronautical Accessories branded, STC certified kits are available for immediate shipment.

The new Aeronautical Accessories vision and lighting kits are available in four configurations designed to improve visibility. The following kits are available: 

  • Preflight Lighting Kit
  • Courtesy Lighting Kit
  • Baggage Compartment Lighting Kit
  • Tail Rotor Camera Kit

The Preflight Lighting Kit is designed to make inspection of the four fluid levels (hydraulic reservoir, oil tank, tail rotor gearbox and transmission) easier during pilot walk around inspection or anytime fluid levels need to be checked.  Each light installation contains its own switch and battery, eliminating the need for wire installation and a window is added to the underside of the lower tail rotor gearbox fairing to ease inspection of the tail rotor gearbox fluid level.

Aeronautical Accessories' Courtesy Lighting Kit is activated when doors are opened, allowing safe and convenient lighting of the cabin and landing gear/flight step area for entering and exiting the helicopter.  Crew lights include forward landing gear lighting and an interior light which work independently of the passenger lights. Passenger lights include aft landing gear and interface with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) interior lights. Passenger OEM interior lights are on a time delay to allow passengers ample time to buckle up.  If any door is left open for an extended amount of time, the lights will automatically turn off to conserve the ship’s battery. 

The Baggage Compartment Lighting Kit features an easy solution to illuminating the Bell 407 storage.  This light kit mounts to the ceiling of the baggage compartment and is turned on and off with the press of a switch.  The Baggage Compartment Light will automatically turn off after if accidentally left on.  The light contains its own battery, eliminating the need for additional wire installation.

To improve visibility behind the helicopter, a Tail Rotor Camera Kit is now available.  The camera is mounted in the fairing behind the baggage compartment with only a limited portion of the lens exposed.  Images from the tail rotor camera are viewable through an existing or new display (not included). 

"Aeronautical Accessories has a long history of developing innovative and reliable accessory kits," says Jennifer Lunceford, sales manager for Aeronautical Accessories.  "We are proud to continue this tradition with our newest vision and lighting accessories and believe that the latest kits for the Bell 407 offer increased safety and added convenience for both passengers and crew."

For more information on the 407 vision and lighting kits, contact the Aeronautical Accessories sales team at 1-800-251-7094 or email your question to