Capital Avionics Expands in Florida

Capital Avionics recently expanded and relocated to Bob Sikes Airport in Okaloosa County. The company plans to double its current staff and erect a new hangar/office facility at the Crestview airport.   

“Among other advantages are the presence of a large skilled workforce, Bob Sikes Airport’s proximity to the military bases in this area, and a large general aviation community,” says Al Ingle, president and owner of Capital Avionics.

The new site will be housed in an enterprise zone, an economically-distressed area where development can bring tax and regulatory relief to companies, entrepreneurs and investors that launch businesses there. “Therefore, this project will help revitalize this area, add to the tax base and bring economic relief,” says Greg Donavan, Director of the Okaloosa County Airport Board.

Capital Avionics is temporarily operating from hangar space leased from Emerald Coast Aviation at the Bob Sikes Airport. The company is also working to forge a relationship with Quest Air Parts Inc.