Cobham’s HeliSAS Granted FAA Type Certification for AS350

The FAA granted HeliSAS, Cobham’s Autopilot and Stability Augmentation System, STC status on the Eurocopter AS350 model series and EC130 helicopters. Earlier this year, HeliSAS was STCd on the Bell 206B, 206L and 407 models.

HeliSAS reduces pilot workload and increases aircraft stability. The two-axis system provides precise control during all modes of flight, regardless of wind conditions or shifts in weight, and is designed to be engaged at all times( “on” before takeoff and “off” after landing). If the helicopter is inadvertently flown to an extreme attitude, releasing the cyclic while HeliSAS is engaged will return the helicopter to a near-level attitude automatically. HeliSAS also provides the robust autopilot functions once reserved for military or large commercial helicopter autopilot systems.