Concorde Battery Announces the RG-224 as a Certified Replacement for the Bell LongRanger

Concorde Battery announces certification of the higher capacity RG-224 for the Bell LongRanger. Concorde’s sealed lead acid recombinant gas (RG®), absorbed glass mat (AGM) RG-224 is a 24Ah battery designed for improved performance and longer life in demanding applications. Many users are getting superior performance with the current 17Ah RG-222 however, the RG-224 was developed for customers with higher cyclic applications in mind.

RG-224 is FAA TSO C-173 approved. The RG-224 can be installed in Bell LongRanger models using Falcon Crest STC No. SR090692RS.

RG-224 is a plug in replacement for the OE Ni-Cd or previously installed RG-222. No modification to the aircraft is required.

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