Conklin & De Decker Supports Helicopter Operators with Latest 2011 Product Releases

Conklin & de Decker continues to support the helicopter industry with their latest 2011 product releases of LIFE CYCLE COST Volume I and the STATE TAX GUIDE for General Aviation. Each tool is invaluable for helicopter operators. LIFE CYCLE COST assists with budgeting and financial planning, while the STATE TAX GUIDE keeps operators informed throughout the year of the latest state taxes and fees imposed on general aviation in all fifty states.

The LIFE CYCLE COST budgeting software is part of a family of aircraft operating and acquisition products developed by Conklin & de Decker that combines all of the cost aspects of owning and operating a helicopter into one easy-to-use program. Acquisition costs, operating costs, taxes, final residual values, and revenues, if relevant, are all included in this business aviation budgeting tool.

The latest update for this tool includes new features that will enhance and make the budgeting process more complete. The latest features include:

• The ability to edit or add maintenance costs based on your situation.

• The addition of 12 aircraft including Scott’s Bell 47-G3, Sikorsky S-76D, Bell’s UH-1H and 206LT, and Eagle Copter’s conversion of the Bell 212 to the Eagle Single.

• New 100% Bonus Depreciation tax calculation.

• Updated fuel surcharges that make charter projections more accurate.

Fuel and maintenance costs, as well as, helicopter acquisition prices have also been updated. Other recent enhancements to LIFE CYCLE COST allow users to choose a guaranteed maintenance program, designate names for additional cost-per-hour and cost-per-year categories, show managed aircraft with or without supplemental charter, compare new versus used helicopter scenarios with only a few clicks, and prepare cash flows that a CFO will love!

Packed full of critical tax information, the STATE TAX GUIDE is a must-have reference tool for helicopter operators, accountants, dealers, brokers, aviation law professionals, and others who deal with state taxes. The STATE TAX GUIDE contains the latest taxes and addresses sales and use taxes applicable to aircraft sales, ownership, leases, parts, and labor.

Included in the STATE TAX GUIDE are common exemptions from the state sales and/or use taxes such as common carrier, occasional sales, fly-away and trade-in credits. Applicable registration fees, personal property taxes, jet fuel and even aviation gasoline taxes are also covered. In addition to tax data, contact information for the respective Department of Revenue and Aviation in each state is included.

The STATE TAX GUIDE is PC-based and has the ability to compare 3 states side-by-side which enables users to quickly compare tax rates and exemptions for the selected states. In addition, the subscriber receives downloadable updates throughout the year.