Cordless Adhesive Gun

The new Cordless Adhesive Gun from Snap-on Industrial provides the ultimate in user flexibility and accessibility by removing the power cord. Using the Cordless Adhesive Gun is ideal for applications such as packaging, woodworking, furniture, electrical, aviation MRO centers, fiberglass repair and numerous other industrial markets.

The Cordless Adhesive Gun (part number CAG6850) features a high efficiency melt chamber capable of outputting up to 2.2 pounds of glue per hour. It can be powered by three different battery packs: 14.4 V Ni-CAD (part number CTB4147); 18 V Ni-CAD (part number CTB4187); and 18 V Lithium (part number CTB6187).   

Features of the Cordless Adhesive Gun include:

• Easy-squeeze two finger trigger design allows for constant use with no fatigue

• High impact nylon housing able to withstand drops of up to 15 feet

• Ergonomically designed comfort grip handle

• Precision, solid state temperature control and electronics for battery life up to three hours

• Needle and spreader inter-changeable nozzles

• Heats and ready for use in four minutes

• Accepts any 1/2” round glue sticks

• Low center of gravity for a well-balanced tool

For added convenience, the Cordless Adhesive Gun can be purchased in a kit (part number CAG6850DBKIT) which includes three different nozzles and an assortment of glue sticks.

Battery packs or chargers are not included in the kit. 

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