DART Helicopter Services Adds Models to Transport Canada STC for Rear Locker Extender

Hawkesbury, ON - DART Helicopter Services announces the addition of the Eurocopter AS355N/NP models to DART Aerospace Ltd.’s (DAS) Transport Canada STC for the rear locker extender.

The rear locker extender installs in the aft end of the existing baggage compartment and allows operators to carry cargo that is normally difficult to stow. Constructed from a rugged composite, the rear locker extender increases the baggage compartment capacity by 17 inches and installs easily with quarter-turn fasteners.

“Our Canadian customers have been requesting this addition and we are pleased to now be able to support AS355N/NP operators with another high quality DART product,” said Bill Beckett, DAS vice president of Canadian operations.

For more information, visit www.darthelicopterservices.com.