DART Helicopter Services Announces EASA Approval for AS350 and Australian Approval for AS350 & EC130 of Auxiliary Fuel Tank

DART Helicopter Services announces that its affiliated partner, DART Aerospace Ltd., has received EASA certification of its Auxiliary Fuel Tank for AS350 model aircraft. The Australian approval for the Auxiliary Fuel Tank has been reissued in the name of DART Aerospace Ltd. for the AS350 and EC130 and this STC has been added to DART’s manufacturer’s approval. Recently, DART also obtained ANAC approval for the addition of the EC130B4 to the Brazilian STC; previously, only the AS350 was certified.  Previously received approvals include Transport Canada and ANAC. FAA approval is still pending

The Auxiliary Fuel Tank, originally provided by John Cameron Aviation, provides additional fuel capacity that can be transferred to the main fuel tank as desired in order to extend the aircraft’s operational range.

The design provides up to 25 percent of additional range.  The Auxiliary Fuel Tank installs into the left-hand side locker with minimal modification to the aircraft structure; it can be installed or removed to meet the operational requirements of the helicopter. The installation kit comes complete with its own electrical gauge and pump. Additional provisions can be purchased to allow for easy transfer of the Auxiliary Fuel Tank between aircraft as required. 

The Auxiliary Fuel Tank has a capacity of 34-40 gallons of usable fuel and is fully approved for all flight roles. 

“The Auxiliary Fuel Tank increases aircraft versatility by extending its range and, with the additional provisions kits, the product can become a cost-effective accessory not just for a single aircraft, but for an entire fleet,” says Bill Beckett, General Manager DART Aerospace Ltd.