DART Helicopter Services Completes STC and Dealer Agreement with Flightcell® International, Ltd. for Helicopter Satellite Phone Installation Kit

Oceanside, CA, January 31, 2011 — DART Helicopter Services and its subsidiary Geneva Aviation have completed an agreement with Flightcell® International, Ltd., that will enable commercial helicopter operators to install satellite telephone capabilities quickly and easily in rotorcraft.  

DART and Geneva Aviation have pending Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for a  Flightcell “Iridium” Satellite Phone System Installation Kit.  The Geneva kit, which includes a lightweight phone cradle with or without the Flightcell DZM2 control panel, will be certified for installation in Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil, AS355 Ecureuil 2 and Bell 206/407 helicopters.  The system utilizes Iridium 9505/A or 9555 satellite phones (not included).  Additional FAA certifications for other helicopters will be available in the future

 “DART and Geneva Aviation have established a relationship with Flightcell International to provide state of the art helicopter satellite communication capability,” said Jeff Shapiro, DART Helicopter Services President and CEO.  “Helicopter operators with an onboard satellite telephone link can offer their customers the same convenience commercial airline passengers enjoy during flight, keeping them constantly in the loop.”

“Geneva Aviation is the ideal partner for Flightcell International,” Shapiro continued.  “Our global distribution network, technical expertise and on-site installation support will make the addition of satellite communication capability in helicopters simple and affordable.”  
The system consists of the satellite phone handset cradle, DZM2 control panel, and Geneva proprietary mounting hardware.  The DZM2 control panel is a user-configurable two-way voice and data system that uses Iridium satellite and cellular modem links with flight tracking to enable continuous communication.  The DZM2 integrates satellite phone transceivers into the helicopter intercom system to provide global voice communications to all ICS stations, GPS position tracking, data transmission, air to ground file transmission, basic e-mail, and SMS text to and from helicopters, and an optional two-wire connection for wire or cordless phone use in the rotorcraft cabin.  In addition, the Iridium handset can be removed from the cradle for communication away from the rotorcraft.

Geneva Aviation, Inc., founded in 1985, is wholly owned by DART Helicopter Services. The company provides a unique combination of certified equipment, on-site technical support and innovative solutions. Exceptional engineering capabilities, integration and certification experience, as well as a thorough understanding of new technologies ensuring that operators have the most reliable, user-friendly, and advanced products available, including avionics/switch consoles, power converters, audio, and video systems, as well as antenna mounts, instrument panels and composite transmission cowlings, instrument panel visors and seats.

Flightcell International specialises in the integration of satellite and cellular transceivers into Aircraft communications systems. In the late 1990’s Flightcell were the global innovators of portable systems for integrating handheld Audio devices (satellite and cell phones) into aircraft audio systems. 

For further information go to www.flightcell.net